A Review Of Nonmuslim’s Argument on Islamic Forum

After half of year exploring many Islamic forums, I have met many nonmuslims who tried to enter the forum. There were several ones who really wanted to learn, but many of them tried to create chaos on Islamic forum. There were some pattern on how they acted :

1. Christian

Christians usually tried to preach whether directly or indirectly and engaged in debate about Islam vs christianity. A christian I had debate with only played with words and made endless debate. When asked to bring something scientific from christianity, he couldn’t do it. Another christian I met couldn’t answer why Adam wasn’t son of God while he didn’t have father and mother. You know, christians think that Jesus is son of God while he only didn’t have father, so why don’t they think that Adam is also the son of God? VERY STRANGE, isn’t it? Adam’s creation is clearly superior to Jesus so why he doesn’t deserve the title “son of God” from christian? Isn’t it “discrimination”?Back to the christian on that forum, he avoided me afterwards, moreover I had answered another of his statements critically that he couldn’t shot back. Another christian also tried to make Islam’s image bad but I had arguments with him and he couldn’t continue afterwards. It seems that christians can’t prove their belief and always avoid when they are unable to answer. I have heard that pope didn’t want to have debate with Ahmed Daedat when challenged. Why? If the religion is the truth, why must be afraid?

2. Atheist

I met atheists more often than christians on Islamic forum. There were two polite atheists I met online but most atheists I met were up to no good. They usually started a debate, couldn’t prove whatever they were arguing then REPEATED the same arguments over and over again thus making the thread endless. They were more stubborn than christians and sometimes insult, thankfully they were either punished or banned after that.

3. Troll

Could be any nonmuslim out there, they were planning to attack Islamic forum by posting bias articles and misleading questions about Islam. They usually use very polite words to avoid ban but at the same time keep attacking Islam. Almost same as atheist above, they will pretend to not understand whatever explanations muslims write and keep posting and repeating the same question over and over again (maybe because there are some atheists within them). Usually they use new accounts and multiply those accounts either when they are banned or so they will look like so many. Some of them will pretend to be muslim as well but their disguise will be easy to be guessed from their arguments which are not Islamic. If meeting a troll like this, the easy way is reporting to moderator and asking them to be banned. Argue with them proven to be useless. I proudly had made some of these trolls banned.

So yeah,those are several types of nonmuslims I met on Islamic forum. From nonmuslims I met online, I can conclude that they are incapable of proving that their belief is true. They could not produce any arguments to counter my arguments and they could not find any scientific articles that support their belief. They only can play with words, avoid, or repeat the have-already-answered-arguments over and over again. Well, what I want to say is THE TRUTH WILL ALWAYS PREVAIL. Islam will always win over any arguments because it is logical and supported by science. Over time, Quran’s contents will be proven through latest science, something that I think is lacking from any religions. Some religions even contradict with science and punished their scientists who prove that their teachings were wrong. Islam on the other hand is not like that and keeps enjoying more proofs from science. That is the strong evidence that Islam is indeed the truth because no falsehood will ever been found in Islam. If you want to see some example of miracle of Quran, go to here:



As for me, I have decided to leave Islamic forum as I wrote here:


I am not belong there because of the management that is not Islamic in my opinion.
That is all. Whatever I wrote here is purely, 100% my experience. If you don’t believe me, you can go to Islamic forum yourself and Insya Allah you will see what I told you. I hope you will be enlighted by that and realize that Islam is indeed the truth.


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