Here Are Simple Things To Do To Help Gaza!


Surely you knew what the zionists have done to innocent civillians in Gaza. As we speak, the civillians are dying because of bombs that strangely fall into their residents, not just targeting military HQ.



If you are muslim or simply have a good heart, it is the time to show our solidarity towards them. Let’s do something to ease the sufferings of people in Gaza.
Here are the list of simple things you can do to help Gaza :

1. Pray


The very least that we can do is praying for people in Gaza. For muslim, don’t forget to pray for them after daily prayers. It is highly recommended to do special prayer like Salat Hajat or Tahajjud so our prayers have higher chance to be granted. If you don’t know how to perform those prayers above, you can search through book/video/internet, ask to the nearest Imam around you, or contact me

2. Spread The News


Do you have any social media accounts like twitter, blog, forum, etc? Use it to spread the news about atrocities in Gaza so more people will aware and  care about current situation there. Follow/add any accounts in social media that rely live report from Gaza and spread their messages. For example, in twitter, you can follow @MoGaza @RanaGaza @ShahdAbusalama @MajedAbusalama @jncatron @YousefAlJamal @AJELive or @AlQassamBrigade
You can use another communication tools as well like email, sms, ems, mms, phone, skype, chatting, blackberry message/broadcast, etc.
You also can print brochures about Gaza and give them freely to people around you or print poster about Gaza and put it on public board. Even mouth to mouth is okay!

3. Fill Online Petition


Sometimes online petition will make our voices easier to be heard. Here are some online petitions about Gaza you can participate:

4. Boycott zionist’s Supporter’s Products


This is a peaceful way to end the injustice in Gaza. By not buying any companies’ products which support zionist, we can decrease their incomes and make them aware that public dislike their supports to masssacre. Some companies have collapsed or withdrawn/minimalized their supports because of this action. You can see the list of the products here:

5. Donate


There are many nonprofit organizations that care for Palestine and need your financial support. You can help by donating even if it is just a little. Here are some reliable organizations you can trust your donations with:

6. Arrange Peaceful Demonstration


You can help to arrange peaceful demonstration about Gaza in your region. You can invite your friends from neighbourhood, school, campus, work, community, internet, etc. This way, hopefully media will cover your action and broadcast your message about Gaza to greater coverage. If no media covers your action, use social media to spread the news of your peaceful demonstration.

Of course no one demands you to do all things above at once, although it will be good if you can do it. You can do one or some things above, depending on your capability. The most important thing is you are willing to help. Doing a few actions are much more appreciated than doing nothing at all.
That’s it from me. If you have another way to help Gaza, don’t hesitate to add on comment.
I hope more people will care and act for Gaza. Spread the news world wide!
May Allah grant people of Gaza patience and endurance to face this hard test. Amin


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