My Twitter Is Weird Today Because Of Gaza?


So, basically today I wanted to support Palestine that has been bombarded heavily by israel by tweeting as much as I could about it. And what happened then? I hit twitter limit!
It was so weird because I only actively tweeted for 1-2 hours. And I have been 3 years using twitter and there were days where I insanely tweeted about anything but NEVER hit my limit. I can swear that I have tweeted more than this before and just fine. SO, WHAT HAPPENED HERE?
Is it part of social media war againts Palestine? Because I read from a tweet of @MajedAbuSalama today that he got difficulty as well in posting pro-Palestine content in facebook. Twitter owns by US, the supporter of israel,while facebook made by a jew. So,it just makes sense to think that they support their owners’ policies.
If it is right that my twitter is limited just because of my tweets about Gaza then I won’t hesitate to delete my twitter account. I will support Palestine whatever it takes! We, muslims, are family after all! Go, Palestine! Allahuakbar!


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