I was born as muslim in a muslim-dominant country. Thankfully, because of that, I never got difficulty in practicing my religion or suffered any discrimination. I used to hear adzan 5 times a day and halal foods are everywhere.

When I was still a child, I ever asked my father, “Father, why do we embrace Islam?”

My father answered, “Because it is religion of truth.”

“Then what about Christian or Hindu? They will say that too.”

My father then got angry and said, “Too many questions!”

I never asked that question again after that.

More than 20 years, I practiced my religion without question. I was really sure that Islam was the truth. But recently, I began to question my religion after seeing many converts from a religion to another. I often thought, ‘Why there were many people who converted and neglected their old religion?’

I sought about it on internet and finally knew a few reasons of them. Then I began to ask, ‘Is Islam, my religion, really the religion of truth?’

I sought about it by reading Al-Quran, hadith, and some reliable sources, then I got my conclusion : YES, INDEED, ISLAM IS THE RELIGION OF TRUTH!

Why? Because Islam is THE MOST RATIONAL OF ALL RELIGIONS! I like the rationality side because I am a scholar. This rationality side also often questioned by atheists, that usually not believing anything because they think religion is irrational. Then, how come Islam become the most rational of all? Check it out!


1.Islam’s holy guidance, Al-Quran, NEVER been revised for 1400 years

Al-Quran doesn’t have any version. There’s only ONE version of Al-Quran in the whole world. Even though it is translated into various languages,usually the original version in Arabic will be still included. There are millions muslims have it fully memorized, so Insya Allah it has no chance to be corrupted, because muslim will be quickly alerted. Even Allah SWT has promised to keep Al-Quran on Surah Al-Hijr verses 9:


“We have, no doubt, sent down the Message, and We will assuredly guard it (from corruption).”


Not to mention that Al-Quran’s codification was really strict. To claim a verse as part of Al-Quran, there had to be two companion’s testimonies that it was indeed the verse’s of Al-Quran. I believe all Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)’s companions wouldn’t lie because if it was the case then there would be some factions which did not agree and made Al- Quran on their own. But the fact, there was only one version of acknowledged Al-Quran in history. To read Al-Quran’s complete history, click here.

Therefore I think Al-Quran is the most rational holy book and really brings the original messages from God, Allah SWT, because there was no corruption or revision from humans in it.  Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)’s companions never added, deleted, or corrupted even a verse. They just wrote down the verses memorized by them. No offense, but how come you believe something is really from God if it keeps getting revised every year or so BY HUMAN and have so many versions?  So, I believe Al-Quran is the only holy book that is still pure.

To read Al-Quran in English, click here.

To download Al-Quran in various language (PDF), click here.


2. It Doesn’t Restrict Human Needs

There are some religions in this world that restricted human needs like desire to reach ultimate spiritual point. But I think that is irrational, because if all humans follow their lead, then WHAT WILL BECOME OF HUMAN RACE? Human races will be extinct, I am sure. But if they want keep the human race and fulfill their desires, they will never reach ultimate spiritual point. It is a big dilemma and confusing.

I think a good religion should be able to be followed easily and doesn’t contradict with human needs. In my opinion, God created human needs like desire so human race will keep exist on this earth. Restricting desire will be the opposite of its original purpose. If you said that it is not God’s purpose to create the desire, than what’s else this desire for?

In Islam, to reach ultimate spiritual point can be done without restricting human needs such as desire, but this desire must be controlled in marriage. No sex before marriage in Islam. If you think that it is not cool, then look again the result of free sex. A lot of unwanted babies, abortions, suicides, and many other complicated problems. Without marriage, the father of the child can easily neglect the mother for…. I don’t know… have a good time with another woman, perhaps? But if you only have sex after marriage, there is a small chance that the father will run away. And you will be protected by law too. The father of the child can be sued and punished by the government if he neglects the mother. That’s way I think Islam’s rule is rational. It can be followed easily and going well with human needs.

Hadith narrated by Anas bin Malik:

“A group of three men came to the houses of the wives of the Prophet asking how the Prophet worshiped (Allah), and when they were informed about that, they considered their worship insufficient and said, ‘Where are we from the Prophet as his past and future sins have been forgiven.’ Then one of them said, ‘I will offer the prayer throughout the night forever.’ The other said, ‘I will fast throughout the year and will not break my fast.’ The third said, ‘I will keep away from the women and will not marry forever.’ Allah’s Apostle came to them and said, ‘Are you the same people who said so-and-so? By Allah, I am more submissive to Allah and more afraid of Him than you; yet I fast and break my fast, I do sleep and I also marry women. So he who does not follow my tradition in religion, is not from me (not one of my followers).’ ”


3. Al-Quran NEVER contradicted with Modern Science

There is a certain religion which once punished scientists cruelly for bringing their new knowledge that contradicted with what the religion believe. And what happened after all those scientists died? Their new knowledge was proven to be TRUE. I wonder, how come God’s sayings can be WRONG?

In the contrary, Islam NEVER contradicted with modern science. Although it appeared 1400 years ago, whatever on it FIT with science nowadays.

Dr. Gronier, a French MP, who embraced Islam, revealed the reason of embracing Islam. He said, “I read all of the Ayat (Quranic verses), which have a relation to medical, health, and natural sciences that I studied before and have a wide knowledge of. I found that these verses are totally compatible with and give a picture of our modern sciences. Thus, I embraced Islam as it was obvious that Muhammad revealed the Absolute Truth more than a thousand years ago. Had every specialist, artist or scientist compared those Quranic verses to his own specialization, beyond the shadow of doubt he would embrace Islam, especially if he has a sound mentality and goodwill to search for the truth and not a mentally defective person with the intentions of malevolent aims”.

For example:

Quran on Formation of Clouds and Rain

Allah says:

(And it is He Who sends the winds as heralds of glad tidings, going before His Mercy (rain). Till when they have carried a heavy-laden cloud, We drive it to a land that is dead, then We cause water (rain) to descend thereon. Then We produce every kind of fruit therewith. Similarly, We shall raise up the dead, so that you may remember or take heed.) (7:57)

Allah says:

(And We send the winds fertilizing (to fill heavily the clouds with water), then cause the water (rain) to descend from the sky, and We give it to you to drink, and it is not you who are the owners of its stores [i.e. to give water to whom you like or to withhold it from whom you like].) (15:22)

Modern science has affirmed the scientific points mentioned in this verse of the Quran. The winds carry water particles which are rich in salt up into the atmosphere; these particles which are called ‘aerosols’ function as water traps and form cloud drops by collecting around the water vapor themselves.

The clouds are formed from water vapor that condenses around the salt crystals or dust particles in the air. Because the water droplets in these clouds are very small (with a diameter between 0.01 and 0.02 mm), the clouds are suspended in the air, and spread across the sky.29 Thus, the sky is covered in clouds. The water particles that surround salt crystals and dust particles thicken and form raindrops, so drops that become heavier than the air leave the clouds and start to fall to the ground as rain. Allah says:

(See you not that Allah drives the clouds gently, then joins them together, then makes them into a heap of layers, and you see the rain comes forth from between them; and He sends down from the sky hail (like) mountains, (or there are in the heaven mountains of hail from where He sends down hail), and strikes therewith whom He wills, and averts it from whom He wills. The vivid flash of its (clouds) lightening nearly blinds the sight.) (24:43)


A cumulonimbus cloud. This picture has been taken by NASA satellite. It is as though an invisible hand is pushing the cumulus clouds to the place of convergence

Rain clouds are formed and shaped according to definite systems and stages. The formation stages of cumulonimbus -a type of rain cloud- are:


(A) 1st Stage (b) 2nd Stage (c) 3rd Stage

  • 1st stage: Being driven along: Clouds are carried along, that is, they are driven along, by the wind.
  • 2nd stage: Joining: Then, small clouds (cumulus clouds) driven along by the wind join together, forming a larger cloud.
  • 3rd stage: Stacking: When the small clouds join together, updrafts within the larger cloud increase. The updrafts near the centre of the cloud are stronger than those near the edges. These updrafts cause the cloud body to grow vertically, so the cloud is stacked up. This vertical growth causes the cloud body to stretch into cooler regions of the atmosphere, where drops of water and hail formulate and begin to grow larger and larger. When these drops of water and hail become too heavy for the updrafts to support them, they begin to fall from the cloud as rain, hail, etc.

A cloud becomes electrified as hail falls through a region in the cloud of super-cooled droplets and ice crystals. As liquid droplets collide with a hailstone, they freeze on contact and release latent heat. This keeps the surface of the hailstone warmer than that of the surrounding ice crystals.


Model for forked lighting. (a) The negative charge concentrated at the bottom of the cloud becomes large enough to overcome the air’s resistance and develops a «leader» pointing towards the ground . (b) An upward flow of positive charges form the ground concentrates elevated points (c). The downward flow of negative charges meets the upward flow of positive charges and a strong electric current the upward flow of positive charges and a strong electric current known as return stroke carries the positive charges into the cloud.

When the hailstone comes in contact with an ice crystal, an important phenomenon occurs: electrons flow from the colder object toward the warmer object. Hence, the hailstone becomes negatively charged. The same effect occurs when super-cooled droplets come in contact with a hailstone and tiny splinters of positively charged ice break off. These lighter positively charged particles are then carried to the upper part of the cloud by updrafts.

The hail, falls towards the bottom of the cloud, thus the lower part of the cloud becomes negatively charged. These negative charges are then discharged as lightning. We conclude from this that hail is the major factor in producing lightning.30

Allah says:

(And thunder glorifies and praises Him, and so do the angels because of His Awe. He sends the thunderbolts, and therewith He strikes whom He wills, yet they (disbelievers) dispute about Allah. And He is Mighty in strength and Severe in punishment.) (13:13)


Or this:


Quran on Deep Sea and Internal Waves

Allah said in the Quran:

Or (the unbelievers’ state) is like the darkness in a deep sea. It is covered by waves, above which are waves, above which are clouds. Darkness, one above another. If a man stretches out his hand, he cannot see it…
[Noble Quran 24:40]

This verse mentions the darkness found in deep seas and oceans, where if a man stretches out his hand, he cannot see it. The darkness in deep seas and oceans is found around a depth of 200 meters and below. At this depth, there is almost no light. Below a depth of 1,000 meters there is no light at all
[Oceans Elder and Pernetta p.27]

Human beings are not able to dive more than forty meters without the aid of submarines or special equipment. Human beings cannot survive unaided in the deep dark part of the oceans, such as at a depth of 200 meters.

Scientists have recently discovered this darkness by means of special equipment and submarines that have enabled them to dive into the depths of the oceans.

We can also understand from the following sentences in the previous verse, “ a deep sea. It is covered by waves, above which are waves, above which are clouds,…” that the deep waters of seas and oceans are covered by waves, and above these waves are other waves.

It is clear that the second set of waves are the surface waves that we see, because the verse mentions that above the second waves there are clouds. But what about the first waves? Scientists have recently discovered that there are internal waves which “occur on density interfaces between layers of different densities.”
[Oceanography, Gross, p. 205]

The internal waves cover the deep waters of seas and oceans because the deep waters have a higher density than the waters above them. Internal waves act like surface waves. They can also break just like surface waves. Internal waves cannot be seen by the human eye, but they can be detected by studying temperature or salinity changes at a given location.

There is from hadith too:

Home fly may trams fir a disease but with that disease it may provide medicine also. The prophet Mohammed PBUH said “If the home fly falls in your drink then dip the whole fly into the drink because on one of its wings there may be a disease but there is its medicine on the other wing.”(Refer Bukar, Ibn Maja Ahmed). He also said,”Verily on one of the wings of home fly there is poison and on the other wing there is its cure. If home fly falls on food then dip the fly in it because it brings for word the poison and delays the cure”(Refer to Ahamed IBN Maja).There is medical miracle in the a bore sayings of the prophet Mohammed PBUH which if the international medical circles are just must be recognized and recorded by golden ink. What has been revealed by the prophet of Islam before fourteen centuries the modern discovery. The prophets saying shows the significance of the venation between the poison its are the body subject to disease. The above saying shows that if the home fly fall in eatables or drink bales we have to remember that it might drop in it harmful germs. We have to remember also that the home fly is nursing the medicine for the same disease caused by the germs it dropped in the food or drunk. Therefore if we dip the whole insect inside the food drink, then we create ahggenic balance. In other words we can be safe of the disease because we have already got its medicine. The amount of the bacteria dose in the fly is equal to the amount of the bacteria therefore it is capable of eliminating it. Now it is suientically prophet that the fly secrets an enzyme called bacteria or germs killer which may hang on or attack the home fly. Hence it is a proof to the correctness of the saying of the prophet of Islam. Dr. Amin Ridha, the professor of bones surgeon in medical college in Alexandria Unwisely wrote a research about the He dith of Home Fly. He confirmed that the old medical references contain medical prescribe tion to different diseases which advice to use Home fly. In the modern time the surgeons of the 1930 who were in the period which preceded the discover of sulfate have witnessed the medication of chuonic bone breaks and chuonic ulcers by Home fly This bone breaks and chuonic ulcers undulates that modern science has confirmed the correctness of the prophets sayings which have been revealed to him by Allah before fourteen centuries.


There are many more. You can see them on:


If Al-Quran was written by human or Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) then how did the people from 7 AD know about those things? Remember, Al-Quran HAS NEVER BEEN CHANGED for all this time! So, I think the most rational reason is Al-Quran really is FROM GOD, ALLAH SWT, that is why it is so compatible with modern science.


4. Islam has only ONE PERFECT  God

In Islam, there is only ONE God to be worshiped, and He is none other than Allah SWT. There is none besides of Him. There is no three, four, five, even hundreds of gods like another religions. What’s the rationality in it?

Well, if God is not alone, then there will be wars between the Gods. They will fight with each other to rule the universe and only the chaotic ensues. How will the universe stand still if they keep fighting like that?

More over, Islam’s God is perfect. He doesn’t need to eat, drink, breed, sleep, or any humanism nature. Although muslim can’t see Allah now, but in hereafter the very obedient ones Insya Allah can see Him.

Describing the events of Resurrection Day, God states in the Quran:


“On that day some faces will be bright, looking at their Lord.” (Quran 75:22-23)


But just because muslim can’t see Allah,doesn’t mean that Allah is not real just like what those atheists said, but because the human mind in certain areas is limited. Allah is different from anything the human mind can think of or imagine, so the mind will become confused if it tries to picture Allah. Look at the story of Moses in Al-Quran.


“And when Moses arrived at Our appointed time and his Lord spoke to him, he said, ‘My Lord, show me (Yourself) that I may look at You.’  (God) said, ‘You will not see Me, but look at the mountain; if it should remain in place, then you will see Me.’  But when his Lord appeared to the mountain, He rendered it level, and Moses fell unconscious.  And when he awoke, he said, ‘Exalted are You!  I have repented to You, and I am the first of the believers.’” (Quran 7:143)


If you still insist to see Allah before worship Him, I dare you to prove about the existence of supernatural being you can’t see, for example genie. Go to a shaman or anyone who have sixth sense and ask them to summon supernatural being. And ask the ones with sixth sense to make the supernatural being disturb you. Although you may not see whoever does it, you can still feel that something has happened to you. How could you say that something you can’t see is not exist after that?

So, I think Islam’s God, Allah SWT, is the most rational because He has no company and is perfect in every way.


5.The Fairness of The Sin

There are some religions or sects which guarantee the followers to go to heaven without having too much efforts. Some said that all of human’s sins have been washed by a “savior” so the followers can do whatever they want now. Another said that they can buy “heaven certificate” in certain price. I think it is irrational. There are these words before : “there is no free lunch”, then why do they think that they can go to heaven without any real effort?

In Islam, the ones who do wrong things will get their own sins. No ones will bear it for them, even their own family or closest person. So, if the person is bad, then the person will go to hell, but if the person is good and worships Allah, the person will go to heaven. Look, that is what I call “fair”! That is rational!  According to Al-Quran:


And every man’s work have We fasten to his neck; and on the Day of Resurrection WE shall bring out for him a book which he will find wide open. It will be said to him, ‘Read thy book. Sufficient is thy own soul as a reckoner against thee this day.’ He who follows the right way follows it only for the good of his own soul; and he who goes astray, goes astray only to his own loss. And no bearer of burden shall bear the burden of another. And WE shall never punish until WE have sent a Messenger. S. 17:13-15


That no bearer of burden shall bear the burden of another, And that man will have nothing but what he strives for; And that the result of his striving shall soon be known; Then will he be rewarded for it with the fullest reward; And that with thy Lord is the final judgment; S. 53:38-42


If you disagree, then do you think it is fair if good person and bad person gets the same place in hereafter? If all human’s sins have been washed away or he/she has secured a place in heaven by mere certificate, then what for do they do good things in this world? All people can be the worst person ever but still can go to heaven right? And the result of this is a very messed up society with bad people everywhere. Is that what are you looking for?

Islam’s fairness of the sins clearly is the most rational thing.


6.Perfect Way of Life

There are some religions which let their followers to do “whatever they want”. But Islam is not like that. Islam guides its followers in every detail aspects of their lives so they can live properly. For example, muslim may not drink alcohol, they also can’t eat pork. It is not without reason. Everybody knew that alcohol is bad for health, and pork is proven to be bad for health too. Read this article:


Why eating pork is bad for our health?

By Dr. E. Kazim. M.D.

The pig is a scavenger. It is an omnivorous animal. It eats everything. There are many diseases carried from swine to man, particularly parasite infestations. Lately extensive research has been focused on senility-old age is characterized by hardening of inner lining of the blood vessels of the heart, brain etc. a process called atherosclerosis. When a clot forms, it results in coronary thrombosis or a heart attack, cerebral thrombosis or stroke.

Different dietary factors are responsible for atherosclerosis. Gross atheroma may be produced in rabbit by feeding it with cholesterol, but when you add lard (derived from hog fat) to the cholesterol, the incidence of atheroma is increased and thus you would produce coronary thrombosis, and myocardial infraction.

Besides, lard contains 2800 units of vitamin D per 100 grams and no vitamin A at all. Lately vitamin D has been held responsible for atheroma, by causing increased absorption of calcium in the blood vessels. In human beings, serum cholesterol is not dependent on the intake of cholesterol in the diet, but depends upon the proportion of animal fats in the diet, which elevates the beta-lipo protein level in the blood. Animal fats contain saturated fatty acids and these saturated fatty acids have been found to be as one of the causes of atheroma in man. Medium fat bacon contains 25% proteins and 55% fat.

According to medical research, the fat content in pork is more than any other meat (beef, mutton etc.) and it takes longer to digest. Dr. M Jaffer in an article in the Islamic Review (London) of January 1997 issue has listed 16 kinds of harmful germs, which have been discovered in pork in modern researches and the diseases, which could be caused by them. The number of patients suffering from tapeworm disease is the highest in the world among pork eating nations. Other diseases attributed to pigs are caused by tri-chinelia spirates and intestinal worms occupy first place among such nations too.

Dr. Glen Shepherd wrote the following on the dangers of eating pork in Washington Post (31 May 1952).

“One in six people in USA and Canada have germs in their muscles – trichinosis 8 from eating pork infected with trichina worms. Many people who are infected shows no symptoms. Most of those, who do have, recover slowly. Some die; some are reduced to permanent invalids. All were careless pork caters”.

He continued “No one is immune from the disease and there is no cure. Neither antibiotics nor drugs or vaccines affect these tiny deadly worms. Preventing infection is the real answer.”

After reading the statement of Dr. Shepherd, one can realize that there is no real guarantee of safety when eating pork that one would not be affected by trichina worm. That is why modern doctors advise three prohibitions during illness: no liquor, no pork and no smoking.

Muslims follow the divine law which is much higher than the medical advice. The Glorious Qur’an says, “So eat of the lawful and good food which Allah has provided for you, and thank the bounty of your Lord if it is Him you serve. He has forbidden for you only carrion and blood and swine-flesh and that which has been immolated in the name of any other than Allah; but he who is driven thereto, neither craving nor transgressing, Lo! then Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.” (16:114-115)

The above is the order from the Creator of the universe and the Supreme Law-Giver. All Muslims are under the obligation to obey it. This is a plain and straightforward answer to those, who usually ask why Muslims abstain from eating pork. Nevertheless, there is no sin, if a Muslims is forced by famine or starvation to eat pork in order to save his life.


A religion which care so much for its followers’ health and its accuracy to know that the forbidden food have bad effect for health from 1400 years ago are definitely the most rational for me.


7.Islam’s History Can Be Traced in Another Religions

Familiar with Abraham, Moses, Aaron, Elia, or even Jesus? Those are Islam’s prophets. The original number of prophets are so many, apparently hundreds of thousand, because the world has gone through many ages. According to Al-Quran:


“For every community there is a messenger. After their messenger comes, they are judged equitably, without the least injustice.”10:47


Of hundreds of thousands prophets, there are 25 prophets that should be known by muslims. They are Adam, Idris, Noah, Hud, Shaleh, Abraham, Lot, Isaac, Ishmael, Jacob, Joseph, Syuaib, Aaron, Moses, David, Zulkifli, Solomon, Jon, Jonah, Zechariah, Elia, Eliasa, John The Baptist, Jesus, and Muhammad.

Yeah, Jesus (PBUH) is one of our PROPHET, not God. Though it is true that he can perform so many miracles and probably one of the mightiest amongst the prophets. Here is the reason why muslim believes that Jesus is not God:



From Jews, Abraham and Moses can be traced. From Christian, Jesus’ trace can be found. Both religion also can be traced up till Adam. Islam also has the similar history, except it adds the final prophet, Muhammad (PBUH). Of course there are some differences in their history, but the point is THEY ARE THERE, AND INDEED EXIST IN THE PAST. How they lived depend on the religion that describes them.

It proves that those prophet’s stories in Al-Quran are real because they are really there according to history and even can be traced in another religions. Al-Quran’s version of the prophets is the most rational for me, because unlike another religion which describes those prophets to do very bad things like incest, adultery, or drinking alcohol heavily, Islam’s version of prophets are noble and have decent life. What’s the point of being messengers if they can’t behave properly? I think God will never choose “sick people” as His messengers on earth. Messengers meant to be an example of God’s teaching, so they must be “the best of the best”. Rationally, do you want to choose bad person as your leader?

I know that there are another religion’s followers who accused Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) just copy those stories from another religions. If you think like that too, then back to number 3 : Al-Quran NEVER contradicted with modern science. If Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) simply copy others, how come he know about those science?

So, I hope you can think clearly and see that Islam’s history is the most rational of all for its decency.



After reading my seven reasons, do you think that Islam the most rational religion too? If you do and you are not muslim yet, you can learn more about Islam at those reliable sites:


Don’t learn Islam in wrong place, because they can mislead you.

If you have read my article but still stay in your old belief (which is not Islam), I pray so Allah SWT will open your heart and clear your mind. If you are muslim and reading my article, may my article strengthen your belief.

Have a good day, then! May Allah SWT bless you all! 🙂


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