Did You Think That Indonesia Is Not Tolerant? What a BULLSHIT!

I know there are a lot of news out there saying that Indonesia is not a tolerant country anymore. As an Indonesian,I will say that it’s BULLSHIT! Why?Look at these points:
1.Indonesia grants every acknowledged country’s religion its own holiday on its big day.Not America even doing that.Muslim gets no holiday in America on Eid Mubarak
2.Every religion can build its own place to pray. Of course after completing some administration processes.
3.Everyone gets the same right in Indonesia whatever the religion or ethnic background. In America,muslim is watched very intensely as if the doings of a few people have made all of them terrorist
4.Everyone can pray every time freely. In some countries,muslim sometimes is not given the time to pray even fired because of doing that
5.All people in different religion mostly live happily together in Indonesia
6. Hillary Clinton,David Cameron,Angela Merkel and Barack Obama praised Indonesia as a model of tolerance and democracy
7.Pope has said in 1980’s that he has never seen a country as tolerant as Indonesia
8.Every year,there is national celebration on every acknowledged religion’s big day. The president and all higher ups always attend it. How many country does that in this world?

But because of these some events,Indonesia’s name is tainted as intolerant country. Let me explain to you these events:

1.Jasmine Church

Jasmine church is the newest news of Indonesian so-called intolerance. Even this church has threatened to report Indonesia intolerance to United Nations.
I think this conflict happen because there are some guys who so stubbornly wanted to build a church in the area whose people strongly rejected it. The church-guys ignored the people’s aspirations and kept building the church as if there was nothing.A conflict then happened and the government wasnt issued a permit to avoid clash between the two parties. My opinion is WHY DONT THEY JUST BUILD ANOTHER CHURCH SOMEWHERE SAFE TO MAKE THINGS SIMPLER? Its better and faster than gathering attention to make Indonesia looks bad. Moreover it is said that the church-guys have made false documents to build this building. So they made it as if the people agreed if the church built there while in fact they didnt. The Minister of Religion also said that Jasmine church itself that make the problem complicated and seemed to do it on purpose so Indonesia’s name will be bad in the world.
I think it is not intolerant that happens here because there are already countless churchs built in Indonesia without a problem. Only this one has a problem because it is made in sensitive area and manipulated too.

2.Lady Gaga’s cancellation concert
Lady Gaga’s cancellation concert is a hot gossip that encourage the western media to accuse Indonesia as intolerant. But I think Lady Gaga is too controversial so the muslim in Indonesia is not comfortable having her around. Not only muslim,some christians in Philipine also disagreed with her having concert in their country. Malaysia even banned this singer to enter its country. Then western media accused Indonesia to not being tolerant. Well,we have DIFFERENT CULTURE AND RELIGION. DONT USE THE SAME STANDART AS YOURS TO JUDGE ANOTHER NATION! Maybe in your country,it is okay to see topless people around,but in Indonesia,we forbid that thing.Lady Gaga’s costume is too sexy. When she was asked to tore down her concert to respect Indonesian culture, she disagreed. Moreover her concert is full of strange symbols that can make nasty interpretation. So it isnt suitable with Indonesian characteristic. Not only Indonesian hardliners,Indonesian religion ministry also didnt recommend the concert,so did Indonesian police. That was why Lady Gaga concert finally couldnt be held in Indonesia. Not because of we are not tolerant,but we have a difference that cant be compromised

3.Irshad Manji
Irshad Manji told the media about bad incident that she must go through while she was in Indonesia. Then western media critized Indonesia again for being intolerant. But do you know who is she? She is a lesbian that declared to be muslim.
Maybe in western countries,gay and lesbian are common. But in Indonesia,they are still rejected because the majority religion,Islam, NEVER allow its believer to be gay or lesbian. It is there on Prophet Lot’s story on Koran. That was why when Irshad came and gave a seminar about her way of life,Indonesian thought that she wanted to corrupt the people’mind. Indonesian is very hot tempered and stritch moreover if it’s related to religion, that was why the incident happened.
My explanation is DONT FORCE ANOTHER NATION TO ACCEPT YOUR NATION’S IDEOLOGY.What is right according to you,is not interpretated the same with another nation. Just because a nation cant accept your ideology that you think good,doesnt mean that they are not tolerant. They simply cant take it because perhaps it is not suitable with their own ideology and life values that they got since they were kids. What you call right can be wrong according to them. You cant force them to accept it because people wont just easily replace their ideology and values in short time. It will surely create problem like I mentioned above.
For example,how if I suddenly come to the states and force all of you to accept sharia law. Wont you be mad at me or even punch me? Then I will say to media that America is not tolerant. How do you feel about that? Same as me here :p
I think Irshad and western media used solely their ideology and values to judge Indonesia that is why we looked so bad and intolerance. But actually we will welcome anything as long as it suits our values and ideology,mostly Islamic because Islam is the majority religion in Indonesia. Because which nation wants its people to change its ideology and values?

4.Ahmadiya incident
Many blamed Indonesia about Ahmadiya incident that made some people died on a clash. But do you know what Ahmadiya is?
In western media,Ahmadiya is said to be “minority Islam sect” but actually it is a forbidden sect. Because it acknowledged another prophet after Muhammad,while Prophet Muhammad had said clearly that there was no longer prophet after him. Dont get it? Okay,imagine there is a sect in your religion that acknowledged another additional God which is not mentioned in your Bible. How will you react about that?
Moreover,Ahmadiya has different praying method from Muhammad’s teaching. Just imagine your imaginer sect in your religion goes to church not on Sunday but Thursday. Nah,do you know now how the “original religion” feel?
Saudi Arabia even has banned this sect from doing pilgrimage because of that,so I am not writing about nonsense here. In Indonesia,it has ben offered to change its name so it wont declare itself as Islam and not making the people angry towards it. But it stubbornly refused while muslim couldnt accept it as Islam’s sect because it was so different from Islamic concept. Thus it reached no conclusion.
At the time of the incident,Indonesians could no longer hold their patience seeing this misleading teaching in their region so they have the sect’s members cornered and the clash happened.
Actually,before the angry mob came,the police had informed Ahmadiya’s members and asked them to go but they arrogantly refused even prepared themselves with sharp weapons and made provocative movements towards the mob. That made the mob even angrier.
I think the problem is over if Ahmadiya gets another name,not stubbornly claims to be one of Islam’s sect. It is like a man who is stubbornly want to be a part of team but dont want to follow the team’s rule.
Maybe you westerner will say that we care to much to other people’s life. We,Indonesian,are not like you who care not of other people as long as it doesnt bother you. We want a good society consists of good people so if there is a misleading one in out society then he/she will receive moral sanction,the hardest one is like the clash above. And the clash like that is not uncommon in another country,for example buddhist in Myanmar has treated the muslim of Rohingya very cruelly. At least we in Indonesia has warned Ahmadiya even gave solution but it couldnt agree with us. We even tried to protect it by telling its members to go when the mob coming but they still refused. So the risk was all theirs because it was their own choice.
I hope western media and people will investigate first WHY the incident happened in Indonesia not only HOW it happened to avoid missunderstanding

5.Separatism Incident
Media in western said that TNI/ Indonesian military has ABUSED separatism movement in West Papua and Molucca Island who did demonstration peacefully. Thus TNI accused not to respect human rights and Indonesia was said to be not a tolerant country.
I dont know if the previous demonstration really peaceful,but did you know that nowadays West Papua separatism armed by guns? They even have killed some of TNI members a few years ago! But that is not violation of human rights for you,right? Because I never seen the hectic news about it like when TNI who did the job.
I think that time TNI just wanted to warn the separatism movement to not separate itself from Indonesia. If you think that it’s wrong,now as comparation,do you want a province/states in your country freed itself?For example what will you do if California wants to be an independent country outside the US? Do you want to be that “tolerant” to let this state go?
Back to the topix. TNI’s effort to make Indonesia intact then missunderstood by some certain people. It was then overexposed and they made it look like it was a big incident of human rights violation and intolerance. TNI finally had punished its members who has been accused to do that so-called human rights violation but international community seemed to still not satisfied. I dont know what their motivation is. Perhaps they want Indonesia to lose its lands inch by inch before they are “satisfied”?
Please,if officer punishes people who create havoc in a country,is it part of human rights violation? Is shooting criminal part of violation of human rights too? But why are millions of people killed in Palestine never mentioned as violation of human rights?
“Tolerant” has a limit too and it doesnt expand to the point of accepting any separatism movement and let a province separated from its country easily.
Westerner must learn not to interfere other country internal conflict,especially the media. It shoudnt let its interpretation that can be wrong written on the paper without confirmation to the right side. I see that the western media usually only interview people who have same opinion with it. I have learnt journalism too and according to it,journalist SHOULD NEVER write assumption on paper like that before giving balance view to the audience

After reading my article above,do you still think Indonesia is not tolerant? Please open your mind and you will know that many countries are worse than Indonesia in managing its minority. Some of the countries in the world treat the minority unequally,expel them from the country,or even kill them.Indonesia has been proven to be one of the most tolerant country ever by giving the minority a peaceful life and even protect

them. Dont let a few issues ruin your interpretation towards Indonesia’s tolerance.
Dont believe me? Then come to see Indonesia yourself,where you can see mosque and church in one place and people in different religion can live together in harmony! 🙂


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